Lenni Reviews: “Shapeshifters Anonymous” by J.A. Konrath

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**I purchased this book for free from Amazon**

Robert Weston has been blacking out, waking up in odd places, and finding odd items in his poop (I hadda read it, you get to read it in the review). Turns out he’s a shifter. Luckily there’s a support group for people dealing with this particular condition and while the gathering may be private, Robert can’t shake the feeling he’s being followed. Someone is after the shifters and now they’re all in danger.

First off, the members of this support group are too fucking chill with the fact some of them – Robert included – have killed and eaten people. I know this story isn’t taking itself seriously, but I expect more than a wince or gasp from a character  when they discover they ate their neighbor. And no cops involved? Not even a knock on the apartment door about a missing person? Ok then…

Eh, this book is fairly harmless. I smirked a bit at some of the jokes but its forgettable over all; like candy. 2.5 out of 5.

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