Lenni Reviews: “Stealing His Heart” by Ella Jade

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**I purchased this book from All Romance Ebooks.**

Good girl Sophia Ball is three years out of a terrible relationship; choosing instead to focus on becoming a teacher. Now a music teacher at a local private school, her friend suggests she get back in the game. When she’s out for a jog before work one day, she bumps into Paxton Hughes; a pitcher for the local baseball team: The Kingston Crushers. The pair meet again at a party and hit it off very well. But Paxton has a reputation as a playboy. Can this smitten bad boy settle down and will Sophie take the chance?

So, I’m reading this book and it’s enjoyable enough. The characters are interesting and seem happy once they’re together but by this time I was only 40% or so through the book. The rest is mostly the pair just dealing with Pax being on the road so much before the inevitable misunderstanding comes into play; which is that Sohpia’s car breaks down and she misses a game. I gotta say, it pissed me off SO bad when everybody just piles on Sophia for her car breaking down. They all – INCLUDING PAXTON – treat her like she missed the game on purpose and she’s instantly on the outs. I know the story needed conflict but, yikes. They really vilify her.

Overall, this story is sappy but not bad. I get these types of stories are supposed to be sappy but this overdid it for me. A decently written 3.5 out of 5.

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