Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 3 by Sui Ishida

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Ken and Touka do a little snooping at the Ghoul Society to find the group is targeting Ghouls and are after Hinami; despite the fact she has never attacked a human. As the hunters close in, Ken needs to get a firmer grip on his blossoming powers so he can defend himself and others without breaking his vow not to kill.

It was awesome to see Ken wearing his fancy (read: creepy as fuck) mask and using his powers. I don’t think he’s gonna pull off his bridge-between-two-worlds thing he wants to do but his development from passive to proactive has had a good pace so far. If it was instant then it wouldn’t be believable. I’m sure it will take more for him to really come to terms will what he his now and eating human flesh, but his intentions are good thus far.

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