Lenni Reviews: “Ajin: Demi-Human” vol 1 by Tsunia Miura and Gamon Sakurai

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Kei doesn’t pay attention when he steps into a crosswalk and is hit by a truck – only to get up and flee the scene. Kei is a demi-human; an immortal. There are only a handful of demi-humans in the world and the known ones are subject to terrible experiments. Unwilling to be chopped up forever, Kei is on the run.

This manga was a random purchase because the premise intrigued me and I’m glad I got it. Of course there’s more to being a demi-human than just not dying. There’s this skeletal mummy thing only the demi-humans can see, various powers, and of course a government agency with who knows what planned for them. It’s high energy and dark so far. I like the art, Kei gets with the program right away, and the rest of the characters seem interesting so far. Impressive debut volume.

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