Finally Watched It: Over the Garden Wall Episode one – The Old Grist Mill


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Yet another Cartoon Network show which garnered gasps of horror when asked about it and I say I’ve never seen it (or even heard of it).

Brothers Wirt and Greg are on their way home when they get lost in the woods. In this episode, they end up at some woodman’s cabin and encounter a wolf that follows the candy trail Greg is leaving behind them.

I think Greg is a lot like Steven from Steven Universe; innocent, silly, and positive no matter what’s happening. This series is wonderfully animated and voiced. It’s a quality I’m not quite used to with a lot of the dreck I see on TV these days (I’m looking at you Teen Titans Go and Breadwinners). So far, it’s the right balance of creepy and cute to be enjoyable.

Since the episodes are so short, I don’t think I’ll do an entry for every single one. They’re only about 10 minutes long. Unless you want me to. So, let me know!

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