Lenni Reviews: “Ajin: Demi-Human” vol 2 by Gamon Sakurai

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Now on the run, Kei seeks out others like him for protection and ends up captured. At the mercy of twisted and horrible experiments, Key may lose his mind before anyone can rescue him.

In this volume, we also learn about the Shinya Nakamura incident – an event referenced several times as to why you just don’t shoot to kill a demi-human.

Now that I’m deeper in to this, I see a lot of parallels between Ajin and Tokyo Ghoul. Both stories involve experiments on preternatural creatures that are more like torture and do more harm than good. They’re just hacking away at their subjects. Both Ken and Kei manage to teal with their transformation into something other than human pretty well, to be honest. There is a distinct lack of freaking out. But Ajin is darker, in my opinion. The characters are distinct without being tropes and the art keeps the dark, twisted tone. There is a definite sense of menace here where Tokyo Ghoul breaks it up with some levity. Ajin is fairly hopeless in comparison.

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