Lenni Reviews: “Ajin: Demi-Human” vol 4 by Gamon Sakurai

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Kei is hiding out in a small village while Sato plans his war against the humans. He gathers together a small group of other demi-humans and plans a bunch of terrorist attacks with the aim of ruling the country. Those who decide not to participate, Sato plans to kill.

Okay so. remember in the last entry for this series when I said I was hoping Kei would get more proactive? Well, careful what you wish and all that. He gets understandably paranoid. And with Sato being a fucking moron (because being a scary person, an immortal, and having abilities people fear won’t make everyone like you a target) Kei has a totally relatable reason to believe anyone who knows anything about him is a threat. Thanks to Sato, the general public believes all demi-humans to be human murdering terrorists.

Also? Trigger warning for this volume. It’s a spoiler but I don’t care: Sato takes over a passenger plane and crashes it into a building.

Fucking asshole…

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