Lenni Reviews: “Harbinger” vol 2 by Joshua Dysort and Phil Briones


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Faith and Peter are now on the run and Harada is having Peter’s friend, Kris, followed. As a result, Kris decides to keep her family safe by going with Peter to recruit other people with powers to go up against Harada in the future; calling themselves the Renegades. Along the way they pick up Charlene; who has fire powers, and Torque; a paralized boy who can project a super strong man around his own body.

So far, this band of misfits is kinda funny and I like how despite the light-hearted concept of a bunch of super powered rebels may be, the danger they are in is quite real. They come together in a believable bond, knowing what they need to do and that they need to do it together. I still wonder what the Bleeding Monk’s prophesy meant – as he pops in for a second to help the Renegades – but I’m sure we’ll find out.

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