Lenni Reviews: “Harbinger” vol 3 by Joshua Dysort and Khari Evans


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The majority of this volume is telling Toyo Harada’s back story from the loss of his mother in WWII to becoming the leader of the Harbinger Foundation. The Renegades are trying to find other kids with powers but it’s Harada and his association with Rising Spirit Securities – and organization seemingly at odds with him.

As much context as this volume gives, I don’t Harada as interesting as what the Renegades are doing. They may have come together as a team but they are woefully out of their depth in dealing with other people with powers and underestimate how far a reach Harada really has. And they fail spectacularly. But that makes the story all the more interesting. If everything was always perfect and rosy, then I would have dropped this series already.


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