Lenni Reviews: “Preacher” vol 5 by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.

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This volume deals mostly with the mistakes Cassidy has made in the past. Our trio travels to New Orleans to ask a voodoo priest to help reverend Jessie tap into Genesis to get some information about where God is hiding. The last time Cassidy was there, he left behind a mini-cult of vampire wannabees who  have been waiting for revenge.

While I did enjoy this volume, I could do without the Cassidy loves Tulip thing. I can see him getting along with her but to suddenly declare he’s in love with her? And to continue pressing the issue when Tulip made is clear she’s not interested and Cassidy talks about how important his friendship with Jessie? How very random…

And Arseface’s story arch is fucking hilarious! I’m glad they brought him back.

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