Finally Watched It: Die Hard

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Die Hard was always one of those movies in my orbit that I could never quite catch from the beginning and be able to watch it straight though to the end. Not because I didn’t enjoy it; something would always interrupt me. So, this being the holiday season, I grabbed this movie and finally sat down to watch it.

This film is so 80’s it’s comical. It’s everything an action movie was back then that’s not the same today: smart, funny, impressive, exploitative, and thrilling all at the same time. You get random boobz, explosions, blood, guns and man is it ever fun! I had a great time watching it but I can see how I wouldn’t catch this right when it came out. I was really young and in my phase where I was so into cartoons, I had a grudge against Bewitched for having an animated intro but not being an animated show (I got over that eventually).

I absolutely think that is would have been so cool for the nanny to tell the press to fuck off when they went to McClaine’s family’s house. What I wouldn’t have given to see her say “I’m legal, idiot.” and slam the door in his smug little face. But tropes gotta trope, I guess.

I’m not sure about going through the sequels to this as I personally have little faith in sequels living up to the original. I’m sure glad I saw this one, though.

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