Lenni Reviews: “Sweetness and Lightning” vol 1 by Gido Amgakure

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Widower and single dad Kouhei Inuzuka is crap at cooking so he and his daughter Tsumugi eat mostly pre-prepared meals.While at a cherry blossom viewing, he meets Kotori Iida, daughter of a woman who runs a restaurant. Kotori is also hoping to become better at cooking so the three of them agree to meet up and try cooking various dishes.

As a slice-of-life manga, this is pretty cute. Kouhei is a nice guy, Tsumugi is adorable, and Kotori is genuinely sweet but there was this creepy crush thing thrown in at the end and I wish the relationship could have stayed platonic. Just because you have a guy and a girl doesn’t mean you have to mash them together. Especially since Kotori is Kouhei’s student.

I give this a 3.5 for not being very memorable but it sure made me hungry…

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