Lenni Reviews: “Happiness” vol 1 by Shuzo Oshimi

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Makoto Okazaki is a typical unimpressive high school freshman with more bullies than friends and no girlfriend. One night, a girl attacks him, sucks his blood, and offers to make him like her rather than die there in the street. Makoto wakes up in the hospital with bite marks on his neck and a powerful thirst he can barely control. Normal food is revolting and sunlight hurts him. While he may be strong enough to defend against his attackers, he fears he is becoming something monstrous.

So far, this manga is pretty standard with that setup. Underdog gets supernatural upgrade and now has to navigate life with his new abilities. The art is also fairly standard but the scenes where Makoto zones out under the weight of his cravings are creatively done. Everything warps and bends in addition to panels showing him dizzy and scared. There’s enough in this volume for me to want to read more but I’ll be honest, I don’t think enough has happened yet for me to really rate it on a scale. I guess a 3 but I need more to say for certain.

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