March Loot Anime Crate: FUTURE

  • Clockwork Planet Manga
  • Ghost In The Shell Shirt
  • Kiznaiver Mousepad
  • Psycho Pass USB Drive
  • Phone Charm

Shockingly, there’s a Ghost in the Shell item in here due to the new movie coming out. While I geeked out the most at this, I as a little disappointed it wasn’t the Motoko from the original movie. That version is hands down my favorite. I have a wall scroll of that, so I can forgive it and properly squeal like a crazy person.

The rest is cool but I gotta say, the USB gun is cool but I can see it being a pain in the ass to use day to day. Ghost in the Shell is the only property here I am familiar with, to be honest. If I finally make a decision about seeing the movie, I’ll make sure to wear the shirt when I do.

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