Lenni Reviews: “Wandering Island” vol 1 by Kenji Tsuruta

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Mikura Amelia runs a plane delivery service with her grandfather. After he passes away, she finds a package addressed to her from him with all this information about a mysterious wandering island; including a journal with entries dated in the future. Written off as folklore, Mikura goes off in search of this island in order to prove her grandfather was right.

I’d forgotten what a great artist Tsuruta is. The last time I saw his art, it was in “Spirt of Wonder” many years ago. I am not embarrassed to say that’s the reason I bought this book and I am glad I did. Mikura is a fun character and the story is told in a very smooth, natural manner. It ends on a cliffhanger so I hope there’s more of this in the future. I would like to see her find the island and really explore it.

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