Lenni Reviews: “Devils’ Line” vol 5 by Ryo Hanada

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Anzai is able to get Tsukasa safely back to Bar Sakaki. But with all the devil activity lately, the R2PC (Redeye’s Rights Protection Committee) has decided to meet up; including people from the Obihiro National Laboratory Orphanage. The conference meets to discuss the intricacies of human/devil relationships. We also get to know more about Johannes’ life in captivity as a child.

The crux of this volume seems to be getting Tsukasa and Anzai to bone without Anzai losing control of his bloodlust. That’s it. Yeah, we meet Anzai’s mother, we see Anzai’s father, and we get some plot moving forward. But you can tell that the biggest deal is our main couple having sex.

Yay for them?

And the training they have to do is to make out while being monitored. Oookay…

Anzai does end up on suspension because he went after Tsukasa without clearance from his team. We’ll see how well that works out in the next volume.

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