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One by one, Shion takes revenge on those who hurt Satoshi. When Shion and Mion were born, one was destined to be a demon so Shion fully embraces the title; imprisoning her sister and going out of her way to make Keiichi paranoid and scared. But eventually, Shion will have to be stopped or stop herself from becoming a victim of the ‘curse’ herself.

So, it turns out the sisters were switched on the day when the next family head would be chosen – because they thought it would be funny – and the “wrong” twin got the demon tattoo and was groomed to be the heir to lead one day. From what I see, it’s this playing games with these kid’s heads in the first place that caused Shion to lose her damn mind. I’d feel bad for her bu tin the end, Shion/Mion was a murderer. It’s a shame she couldn’t just go off somewhere and have a normal life but whatever time loop thing is happening doesn’t seem like it will let anyone have a normal life. 3.7 out of 5.

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