October Writing Update!

I’ve been good and not started any other new projects. Currently, First Brood 4 and the next episode of Fruit of the Dead are in progress but I can’t tell you when they’ll be done. It’s fits and starts, really. But I can say this:

  1. Fruit of the Dead is going to get progressively more dark. I’d like this series to have more horror elements but there will be some humor dotted here and there.
  2. Emma’s book is looking like it will be MUCH shorter than I’d originally thought. I’m not a fan of padding but I will post excerpts over on my Patreon.
  3. Speaking of Patreon, I’ve altered the rewards. I took off the handmade one and replaced it with an ARC team tier! This level gets you early copies of the book to review and give feedback.

That’s about it for this month, everyone! More reviews are forthcoming!

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