Finally Watched It – Challenge Edition: The Woman (2011)

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Every so often in my travels on the internet, I’ll find a list of most disturbing movies that people can’t sit through and I take that as a challenge. I remember way back when I watched “The Human Centipede” because “ZOMG, so shocking!!!11!!” and found it to be a lame poop joke that went on too long and I got bored. Even with “Canibal Holocaust” I thought it was gory and all but hardly ‘walk out of the theater’ offensive and gross. In fact, the only movie to outright disgust me and piss me off was “A Serbian Film” so these walk out of the theatre movies are 2:1 at this point. So, where does this movie stack up?

While there are of course unpleasant things that happen in the movie – like the father is horrible and does what a horrible man would do to a woman he has captive – I didn’t find it hard to watch or super offensive. It was effective at being a horror movie and keeping the tone consistent throughout. The effects were done well, the story was interesting… But I never felt like I needed to take a shower or tap out of the movie early.

To sum up, I don’t get why this was on a most disturbing list unless their bar is much lower than mine.

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