Lenni Reviews: “Perdy” Vol. 2, by Kickliy


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In the second volume of this insane series, Perdy wants to make things right with her daughter, Rose/Petunia; who is pregnant and terrified of becoming an outlaw like her mother.

While Perdy brings chaos wherever she goes and Rose/Petunia just wants a normal life, I found myself wondering what could pass as normal with all the violence in the world this comic created. Characters go on killing sprees and randomly shoot people all the time. The men obsessed with Petunia/Rose are just as unscrupulous as her mother! I feel bad for Rose because I don’t see how she will get the chance to have a regular life. I do love the action, it kept me turning pages to see what happened next. It’s one hell of an adventure if you like comics in a western setting and don’t mind a healthy dose of crazy. 3.9 out of 5.

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