Lenni Reviews: “Battlecats Vol. 1: Hunt for the Dire Beast” by Mark London, Michael Camelo & Andy King


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Set in the fictional realm of Valderia, The Battlecats, led by Kelthan of Stormholt, are an elite team of warriors who risk their lives to protect the kingdom. However, sinister machinations from behind the scenes but them all in grave danger.

First off, I would have liked if the female cats had the same detailed faces as the males. It just makes more sense to me. Other than that, this was hard to get and stay hooked into. I’ll give this credit being such a little known publisher but this is a pretty generic party of heroes on a mission for the king, corruption, magic, swords, and blood; but it didn’t stick with me at all. I had to push to get through it, forgot everything, then had to go back and read it again. 3 out of 5.

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