Today’s Workout: Can’t put it down

I need to keep myself from messing with my phone during a run because Zombies Run crashed while I was checking messages. I have to keep the phone in my hand so the accelerometer counts my steps but when my notifications go off, I keep trying to check them or at least take the time to dismiss them. Then I end up checking an email real quick, make sure the other apps I have are tracking my steps (I have apps that give me points for steps and I turn them in for gift cards), and this time it crashed my mission. I was able to resume it but that’s a little annoying.

After my run, I went out to get my prescriptions and if the nice lady hadn’t asked me if I wanted a flu shot, I probably would have forgotten like I have the past few years. My sore arm is going to make tomorrow’s weight training interesting but I’m not going to skip it. Perhaps I’ll just shorten the workout so it doesn’t hurt so bad.

Speaking of sore, I didn’t feel as sore after my run this time. I must be getting back into form. I was hoping it wouldn’t take long but I’m not going to jump into hour-long runs anytime soon. 30 minutes seems just enough for me to get my heart rate up and still have time to do other things once I’m done. Perhaps when I’m making more money with my writing, I’ll do longer runs.

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