I love this…

Every so often, I end up being in my graphic novel section at the same time as patrons. Today, I happened to overhear a couple of young guys talking about books we don’t have and me being nosy as shit, I asked what they were looking for. At first I got the stock why-is-this-woman-talking-to-me response (you know, like when a sales associate keeps asking if you need help and all you wanna do is get one thing and get the hell out without talking to anyone) but when I said, “I’m always looking for patron suggestions.” holy CRAP, did their eyes light up! They were surprised I was able to get so many and started excitedly naming things they’d like to see. Heck, I even got one of them to jump for joy. How often does a librarian get that?

For a second, this unassuming lady was a hero to these guys. I love my job. 😉



So ya wanna be a librarian? (this is gross, consider yourself warned)

Image: digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

You wake up one day and think “Hey! I like books, I like reading, I like research, and I tolerate like helping people! I should TOTALLY become a librarian! Nothing gross could possibly happen there!”

You. Are. SO. Wrong.

While working the desk, I hear this retching sound. Turns out this guy was throwing up blood in one of the stacks. He RUNS out, leaving the mess – and his hat – behind. I go and see the damage and put a chair over it so nobody can step on it before the custodian gets the flamethrower cleaning materials. The guy comes BACK in, puts the chair BACK at the table, puts his hat BACK on, AND PUTS THE BOOK HE BARFED BLOOD ON BACK ON THE SHELF. I find it dribbling onto the metal shelf (thankfully not onto any other books). I take a bunch of tissues and nudge the thing back onto the floor and put the chair back over the entire mess.

What gets be about this is be didn’t say a damn thing. If people haddn’t heard him throwing up, nobody would have known.

This is not when I signed up for when I went for my MLS. XD

Currently, I smell like the inside of a hand sanitizer bottle and I STILL feel soiled. I feel like I wanna shower in bleach. Bring on the drunk tranny anytime who calls me a Cracker anytime. She’s much easier to deal with. >_<


Patron: “Your computers are old. You should get a grant! Just call *J. Q. Important Guy* ! I know him personally. It’s so easy. You should just do it.”

OMG!! You’re kidding! As a public institution who’s current “old” computers were paid for by a grant, we never thought of that! And grant money must just be falling out of the sky right now seeing as libraries everywhere are cutting hours/people/salaries/closing entirely. /sarcasm

Note: When librarian tells you three times “We’re working on it.” we are in fact, working on it. Money does not fall out of the sky for new computers. T_T