I love this…

Every so often, I end up being in my graphic novel section at the same time as patrons. Today, I happened to overhear a couple of young guys talking about books we don’t have and me being nosy as shit, I asked what they were looking for. At first I got the stock why-is-this-woman-talking-to-me response (you know, like when a sales associate keeps asking if you need help and all you wanna do is get one thing and get the hell out without talking to anyone) but when I said, “I’m always looking for patron suggestions.” holy CRAP, did their eyes light up! They were surprised I was able to get so many and started excitedly naming things they’d like to see. Heck, I even got one of them to jump for joy. How often does a librarian get that?

For a second, this unassuming lady was a hero to these guys. I love my job. 😉



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