Epic snow is indeed epic. 0.0

Job closed early tonight so I didn’t have to go in. So I have time to cook a nice healthy dinner (pak choy, onion, and tofu in hosein sauce over jasmine rice) and I’m throwing in an extra workout on the treadmill tonight while I edit Dreamhunter.

Eventually, I’ll get around to some deep thoughts about turning 29. XD

I’m officially off from work tomorrow and aside from calling various doctors for regular Lenni maintenance, I plan to write the hell out of the whole day! Everywhere. I’ll get everything I can updated or ready to be updated on Friday. I also have a very important date to play in the snow since I’m off and the hubby is as well. 😉

I love snow when I’m inside and don’t have to deal with it. XD

I smell perfectly cooked rice (thank you, rice cooker). Ta ta!! >D

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