Super Shortie Saturday!

Been awhile, eh? Well, here we go! >D This is the intro to a silly little story I’m writing called "Winter Boot." It was inspired by a statue of a frog riding a hare that my neighbor gave me as a new baby/housewarming gift. No, I don’t quite know what she was thinking.

It was warm the day my father died. It’s been winter ever since.
I knew Daddy had magic. He chased away the monsters under my bed, flipped pancakes, and reached high shelves to get treats for me. But I didn’t think he held back the snow.


Yes, I have the mentality of a child. What the hell of it? XD

And another friendly note from your favorite librarian (and of course that’s me): Do not snidely say how helpful I was when I can’t pull a copy of the latest best seller out of my ass and cannot mathematically predict when you will get your copy. That’s the wonder of sharing books with every person in your town, somebody else might wanna read it, too.


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