Reality Bites (sorta)

Here I am back from my week long girl get away. Eh, it’s not bad to be back. I did miss my family. But man, did I ever have fun. >}

I’m back to writing and typing Greenhouse as I edit Dreamhunter to be put up on Createspace. I also have to finish typing all those short stories and the next bit of Go Away Girls to post on the site. It’s been a busy holiday season what with all the baking I’ve been doing to prepare (and for fun), but since I’m going back to work in the morning, I’ll have my head completely back in the game tomorrow. ^_^

Tomorrow is also Yule, which I look forward to almost as much as Beltane. πŸ™‚ This year will have a full moon as well so I would like to take the kiddo out to gaze at it as long as weather permits. She’s a little young for full on rituals so a little prayer will have to do.

The holidays are certainly taking there toll on me. I can tell because I’m perpetually sleepy and I have a lovely, stress induced sty forming. It doesn’t look bad and I intend to keep it that way, damnit. If I keep soaking it and can manage not to touch my eye, it should be gone in time for the 25th where I will be shuttled around to people who don’t hide from cameras like I do. >_o If not, I’ll have to get creative about my poses. XD

Till tomorrow, lovelies!

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