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There are moments where I wonder why I bother to keep writing. Aside for knowing I will go completely insane if I don’t get all these ideas out of my head, it’s really easy to feel you ware writing for nobody but yourself and the 5 people around you who care enough to support your delusion vision. You want to give up

Then fate comes along.

Another patron told me today how much he loved my book and is looking forward to the sequel. 🙂 He told me in completely honest terms that a book never outright made him squeal for more like a true otaku and I get the feeling he’ll be on my ass to get the other one finished asap. XD

I also scrounged up all the notebooks from my short story project and will be updating the site with them over the next few weeks. Not particularly on a schedule just as they get typed and edited.

And here I was feeling all useless and such. 🙂