Feeling JAZZED

Maybe because it was 11/11/11 but yesterday, I felt PUMPED! I cleared up all the work left over from my vacation, had Drawing Club with the kiddles, and drove at night without killing anyone. It was a good day. 🙂 I made good headway on a sketch of Auris and Darjeeling (characters from my book for you newbies to my site) and with a short story I’m working on for an anthology. My muse is high on life and doesn’t wanna come down. XD

Lately, I’ve been reconsidering all these anthologies and erotica contests I’ve been writing for. Capitalizing on all the good vibes I seem to be filled with, I’ve been making the moves to try and be as prolific as I possibly can. XD Plot and plan, plan and plot… GODS, it feels good.

In other news; aka: The Continuing Saga Of Me Seeing Movies After Everybody Else Has Seen Them Because I’m A Cheap Bastard Who Waits For The DVD From The Library (longest title ever? Maybe…) I finally saw Thor and Green Lantern. Both good movies, shiny and loud in all the right places. Nothing I can really complain about as a comic fan but keep in mind, I’m an X-Men gal. Those were the main super hero comics I read so if there are discrepancies between Thor the comic and Thor the movie, I have no idea.

I have also seen X-Men First Class. Although I liked it, and I understand the timeline here, I still have this emptiness left by a decent movie version of my top three favorite X-Men: Rogue, Gambit, and Storm. I don’t think I’ll ever be completely happy in that area though. :p

That’s all I have for today, kids!

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