No rest for the wicked…

I am feeling better but it’s taking it’s sweet time to go away. :/ I should be good to go back to the library tomorrow, though. ^^ I should have spent the day resting but other than a 20 minute nap, I spent the day on laundry duty again. It’s tedious work but the sweet feeling of snuggling in clean sheets at the end of the night is SO worth it.

This holiday season, I am hoping to give more than I receive. I am cleaning out my closet and bagging up Ma’s old clothes to donate to as many clothing drops as I can find. Anything in decent condition that I haven’t worn in three months is outta here. And I simply cannot bring myself to wear Ma’s old stuff (she was a couple sizes smaller than me anyway). It’s better all around for them to be used by someone who will need them more an I.

Now, with my new found health, I shall get some writing done. ^_^

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