I’m back!


After a week, I’m testing negative and back at work. For me, COVID was like getting an annoying cold but with more of that feeling of my ears not being able to pop. Now, I notice I’m really sore. At first I thought it was from resting and laying around so much but apparently, body aches after COVID are a thing. I’m going to ease my way back into working out. Since I’m back at work, I’m just listening to my move reminder to get in some extra steps. At home, I’m just doing bodyweight exercises; no dumbbells or resistance bands. The last thing I want is to push myself too hard then end up getting sick again.

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It Finally Got Me…

After all these years, it finally happened: I caught COVID. What a way to start 2023. I was all set to get back to working out and I guess that’s not happening now.

I’ll be living on hearty soup for a while, packed with tons of garlic and ginger to knock this outta me as quickly as possible. Obviously, I won’t be going to work until I have no symptoms. So far, I just have a mild cough and clogged ears. It’s like they desperately wanna pop but can’t; it’s weird. 

But, I am trying to do the hardest thing in the world for me to do and that’s take it easy and rest. I really hope this stays mild and I’m back to normal soon.

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Eww, Monday.

I am currently disobeying the most sacred of office rules: Don’t come to work when you have a cold.

It’s not a BAD cold. The worst day was yesterday and I was still able to clean the house and do all the laundry. I can breathe through my nose, I am filled with medications, and I am swabbing everything I touch with alcohol. If I still feel awful tomorrow, I will keep my contagion home with me.

In the (hopefully) soon to be concluded saga of refinancing the mortgage on my effing house, I sign the papers today after work! 😀 YAY!! I’ve been at this for almost a year. Once these are signed, the estate will be clear, too. Two birds with one stone. Finally, the only legal matter I will have to deal with will be the separation papers; which is basically a “sign then leave office” sort of thing. Easy peasy.

A happy birthday to my friend MisfitLibrarian! I am almost concerned about what shenanigans she will get into today.

No rest for the wicked…

I am feeling better but it’s taking it’s sweet time to go away. :/ I should be good to go back to the library tomorrow, though. ^^ I should have spent the day resting but other than a 20 minute nap, I spent the day on laundry duty again. It’s tedious work but the sweet feeling of snuggling in clean sheets at the end of the night is SO worth it.

This holiday season, I am hoping to give more than I receive. I am cleaning out my closet and bagging up Ma’s old clothes to donate to as many clothing drops as I can find. Anything in decent condition that I haven’t worn in three months is outta here. And I simply cannot bring myself to wear Ma’s old stuff (she was a couple sizes smaller than me anyway). It’s better all around for them to be used by someone who will need them more an I.

Now, with my new found health, I shall get some writing done. ^_^

Hello Monday, Bye bye Mojo?

Last night I was curled up in horrible pain. I have no idea why my stomach was so mad at me and I hope to the gods I’m not getting sick, but there was no writing to be had. I did some knitting (I will get this baby sweater done this month!) but I didn’t have the strength for anything else. >_<

I am feeling better today but I am taking it easy. I don’t wanna risk this turning into a long THING that makes me miss work. :/

I hope I can rope in that energy from the other day and make up what I couldn’t write yesterday. :p



Happy Columbus Day! Now, get the eff to work…

Image: Paul / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I proclaim today that for every person who calls us and asks us if we’re open today, I get ten bucks. T_T

Anyway, in the flurry that was this weekend, I did NOT get even half of what I wanted done finished. But seeing as how I can stand without feeling light headed or nauseous, I’m calling it a win.

I try to greet every Monday as a chance for a fresh start and aim to get to Friday with a list of accomplishments. On the list for this week is to get to Friday. >_< Ok, maybe it’s not THAT bad. XD

This week is NYCC, and I will be attending as a guest. I’m not such hot shit that I get a booth or have anyone know my name or anything… But I will be there this Thursday all day milling around and being one of the coolest librarians on the planet. 😉 I’ll make sure to take pictures of all the swag I get (free and non-free) and of actual famous people that I see.

Also, I will get back on the Wii now that I’m sure I won’t fall off the thing. I didn’t wanna risk it while I was sick. Either way, I’m healthy(-ish) and back in the saddle!

Emotional Fuckery: The Roller-coaster of a Sick Parent

I’ve been through all this before but still, it’s draining.

I spoke to my Mother’s doctor on Tuesday and he says what boils down to "She’s getting worse. I will be conferring with her oncologist as to continuing her treatment and the hospital will take care of any hospice arrangements." This sinks in for a couple days and after going to my Mother on Thursday evening and telling her she has a choice of chemo or waiting to die because there’s no chance of her getting better, the doctor comes and tells her she’ll be going home in a couple days with a home health aide. The difference being a home health aide isn’t waiting for you to die.

So in the last week I’ve been intimately equated with why the phrase "roller-coaster of emotions" is a cliche. It fits. Holly hell, man. I am tired inside and out. When I sleep, I don’t dream (that I can remember) and at my best moments, I’m able to eat. But I put one foot in front of the other, keep working and keep writing.

Since things change every day (Hour? Minute?), I’m hesitant to even say she’s recovering from the shingles so she’ll be coming home "in a few days" with an aide. Honestly? I have not been reading anyone’s journals or stories or anything (even though I’ve really wanted to). I’m taking it one day at a time.

Oh look, another cliche! Urrgghhh.. >_<

But I’m still writing and working to get my Zazzle shop filled with things and infect Amazon with my madness. :p I’m muddling through. That’s the best way I can put it. I’ll do my best to be involved but if my eyes glaze over, cut me some slack. 😉

She’s home!! :D

Or she will be by the time I get off work today. My mother was released from the hospital this afternoon. 🙂

It’s difficult for me to sum up the feelings other than the ole roller-coaster metaphor. While tired, it is apt but doesn’t quite cover what it’s like to have your remaining parent in and out of the hospital and never quite knowing which time will be the last. There MUST be a special circle of hell just for that feeling. If I really believed in hell… Anyways, this passed week or so has sucked ass and that’s the nicest way I can put it. Between my mother in the hospital, my husband spraining his ankle and my child determined to act three years old no matter how illogical I keep telling her that is; I believe some booze and/or long bubble baths are in order.

Which has left me with some sort of a quandary: How personal do I want to get with my writing blog? Granted, I won’t be doing in depth reviews of *achem* "toys" I purchase or describing bodily functions in grizzly detail (only vague detail ~_^) , but if I wait to only talk about writing, it’s kinda cold and lonely. I don’t get many visitors here anyway and the ones that come, I’d like to keep.

So, I suppose it’s time to get to know the Lenni. As House would say: Wear a cup.