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I am a very eclectic reader (as you can see by my Shelfari account). If the concept interests me in the slightest, I’ll give the book a try. Right now, I’m reading You Make Me Wanna. As a Black woman, I like reading stories about other Black women when they aren’t street lit and the bonus is they are lesbian characters who are not stereotypes. It’s a cute story and I’m enjoying it.

So, I’m sitting and reading and two women are having this wordless conversation with their eyes, gesturing between each other and myself, and the cover of my book. Bear in mind, what I have is a library copy with this huge interloan sticker on the front so most of the cover image is obscured. You can still get the gist apparently.

Nobody batted an eye when I was pouring through those bodice ripper romance romance novels, or the giant epic fantasy series, or the gay pirate books (no provocative cover there) but all of a sudden a picture of a woman feeding another woman a strawberry is a big fat fucking deal.

So, when you see someone reading, do you judge them by what is on the cover?