Review Dump – Birchbox Product Reviews

I have been lax with reviewing the stuff I’ve been getting in my Birchbox. Inspired by the shipping notification telling me December’s box is on the way; here’s a review dump of all the stuff I’ve used so far:

The Ouidad gel is fantastic. Honestly, I dunno if I would use it if my hair was as long as it once was, but that has nothing to do with the product itself. Just the sheer amount of product long thick hair like mine makes using a product like this fiscally irresponsible. XD However, my curls stayed friz free and light for the entire day. I would totally buy this as an alternative to the gel I use; which makes my curls crunchy.

The Pangea Face Scrub is also wonderful. I didn’t feel like my skin was dry after I used it, the scent isn’t over powering and the exfoliation doesn’t make me feel like it’s scraping my skin off. It also removed all the makeup I was wearing without having to rub too hard. I am hesitant to spend so much on face cleanser seeing as how I get Aveeno on sale (and coupons) and it does the same thing. But the Pangea scrub is a great way to pamper myself. 🙂

Mascara is one of the first things I learned to use concerning makeup and one of the few I feel confident enough to give an opinion on. Blinc is a great product. It goes on MUCH smoother than the Sephora waterproof I’ve been using and packs just as much punch. My only problem with it is getting it off. You MUST USE MAKEUP REMOVER. I had such issues getting this off with soap. >_< And it was creepy to see the little tubes come off. It was like tiny spider legs all over my face. *shudder*

The Anastasia Lip Gloss comes in the perfect size for a color I am not inclined to use too much on my face. I was pleasently surprised. my lips were glossy, shiny, and I didn’t feel my crippling chapstick addiction kick in for several hours. I’m not a pink girl but I can deal with this because the color isn’t too glaring. It’s a very subtle touch to my lips.

The Thymes Body Lotion is also another product where I was shocked by the softness of the scent. I don’t like heavily scented lotions (which is why you won’t see me rating the perfume I get in these boxes. I so rarely wear it, it’s not worth it) but Tymes is so light and herbal and I like herbal scents a LOT. 😀

So, there you have it! All the stuff I’ve used so far.  I haven’t used some of them but when I do, I’ll review them for your makeup-geek pleasure. 😉

I will get back to posting about writing, I swear. I do have to admit, though. When I write characters who use this stuff on the regular, it helps to use it yourself. 😉

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