Mission accomplished! Well, sorta…

I did managed to get up early and workout today but not as early as I had hoped. Around 3am, I hear the cats feuding under my bed. If you’ve ever heard female cats in an all out brawl, you KNOW that is not a happy way to come out of a deep sleep. It woke me up and it woke my daughter up. She did NOT want to go back to sleep in her own bed but I insisted. This insisting took an additional hour.

So, I linger in bed till 7am figuring I’d catch a few more winks and then check on the kid. Turns out she STAYED  up and went downstairs to bother my friend. How kids have the energy to do this, I never know. >_<

I made her take a nap, hopped on the Wii and did 30 minutes. Turns out showering and dressing for work takes me about 15 minutes (sans makeup) so it is completely feasible to wake up at 6 and be ready for work by 7:30. And WiiFit says I’ve lost 2 pounds! Yay! I also have the Wii Plaza music stuck in my head… >_@ While it was later than planned, I can see my day starting like this and lifting the burden of the daily workout off my shoulders first thing.

But enuffa that. :p You all don’t come here to hear about my weight, you come to hear about my writing. Or DO you!!?? (dundun DUUUNNNN!!!)

As mentioned before, I am to be a writer for Mrs. Herbert and have come up with a serial comic idea which will allow us to have a regularly updated story complete with art that will bring attention to our respective larger projects. In theory. Always in theory. Anyways, I ran the idea by her, she likes it and I have begun to make some character outlines and rules for the universe.

I love this stage. XD An established world, like my First Brood book, is fun to play in (oh such glorious fun) but building a new one? That is extra special. >}

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