Cross-Training Day! ZUMBA!!!


Since running can get repetitive (on my joints and in terms of boredom), I like to switch things up and do Zumba at least once a week. The results above are from the medium length class; about 40-45 minutes. Zumba is generally known as a calorie blaster because you’re moving around so much and I can feel the remnants of the Ninja workout I did the other day… So, I did one of those today, too!

I am in SO much pain…

As for the menu today I ended up eating my leftovers from last night for breakfast and having some cheese and meats for lunch:

And some roasted garlic Triscuits. I didn’t have any other bread. I forgot to bake some this week.


And I went to my staple salmon, green beans, and shallots with sliced garlic.

Today felt extra good because I took a walk during lunch and got in some extra steps and ate mostly healthy. And the workouts must be doing their job because I am sore all over.

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Lovely Monday!

Holy shiz, it was a freaking awesome day today. It was just warm enough to take a nice 2 mile walk and I had off so I was able to clean more crap out of the house! Yay! 😀

Sadly, the two mile walk means no Zumba today. :/ I don’t wanna overdo it so I’ll be starting my 30 day squat challenge! 😀


Ahh, yes. Nothing like some ass on my blog to make me feel completely inadequate. :p But my goal isn’t to look like that anyway. XD My goal is to lose these last 10 pounds so I can finally stop frikkin thinking about it. 9_9 Between this and starting Zumba for the Wii again, I hope it’ll melt right off. 😉

Then I will make a rel effort not to bother with stressing about my weight anymore. Because if I’m stopping traffic NOW, 10 pounds won’t make a difference. 😉

Mission accomplished! Well, sorta…

I did managed to get up early and workout today but not as early as I had hoped. Around 3am, I hear the cats feuding under my bed. If you’ve ever heard female cats in an all out brawl, you KNOW that is not a happy way to come out of a deep sleep. It woke me up and it woke my daughter up. She did NOT want to go back to sleep in her own bed but I insisted. This insisting took an additional hour.

So, I linger in bed till 7am figuring I’d catch a few more winks and then check on the kid. Turns out she STAYED  up and went downstairs to bother my friend. How kids have the energy to do this, I never know. >_<

I made her take a nap, hopped on the Wii and did 30 minutes. Turns out showering and dressing for work takes me about 15 minutes (sans makeup) so it is completely feasible to wake up at 6 and be ready for work by 7:30. And WiiFit says I’ve lost 2 pounds! Yay! I also have the Wii Plaza music stuck in my head… >_@ While it was later than planned, I can see my day starting like this and lifting the burden of the daily workout off my shoulders first thing.

But enuffa that. :p You all don’t come here to hear about my weight, you come to hear about my writing. Or DO you!!?? (dundun DUUUNNNN!!!)

As mentioned before, I am to be a writer for Mrs. Herbert and have come up with a serial comic idea which will allow us to have a regularly updated story complete with art that will bring attention to our respective larger projects. In theory. Always in theory. Anyways, I ran the idea by her, she likes it and I have begun to make some character outlines and rules for the universe.

I love this stage. XD An established world, like my First Brood book, is fun to play in (oh such glorious fun) but building a new one? That is extra special. >}

I’m becoming one of THOSE people!! D:

I’ll just have to accept it and come to terms with the awful truth:

I, Lenni, am becoming a morning workout person.

Whew! It felt good to get that off my chest. 🙂

All too often, I get home from work to cook dinner and do a bunch of parenting stuff and find I am too tired to workout or if I do, there’s no time to do anything else (like read the demon-child a story). So this morning was the first morning in my attempt to get up at 6am to workout.

I’ve gotten as far as the waking up part. Getting out of the bed will have to wait till tomorrow. XD

I figure if I get up early, work out for 30-45 minutes, shower and get ready for work, I still have enough time to get to work. If I end up having time to do another workout in the evening, then awesomesauce It’s really no trouble to boot up the Wiifit and hop on for 30 minutes if I’ve already done 45 earlier that day.

I will also be attempting the Zumba for the Wii. Yeah, you may laugh. But I have lost weight with DDR in the past so dancing seems to work for me. No matter how stupid I look. XD

Why this is relevant to a writing blog is the “get up early” advice. I can’t tell you how many books, blogs, and articles I’ve read about writers with dayjobs, kids, etc who say they get up at 5am and write for an hour before the rest of the family wakes up. I’ve heard this in a bunch of weight loss success stories, too. (pardon me while I feel a TON of shame for the sheer amount of weight loss stories I’ve read… *sigh*) In the past I have looked upon such habits as bullshit but I’m giving it a shot.

Because doing it at 6am is better than not doing it at all.