Lovely Monday!

Holy shiz, it was a freaking awesome day today. It was just warm enough to take a nice 2 mile walk and I had off so I was able to clean more crap out of the house! Yay! 😀

Sadly, the two mile walk means no Zumba today. :/ I don’t wanna overdo it so I’ll be starting my 30 day squat challenge! 😀


Ahh, yes. Nothing like some ass on my blog to make me feel completely inadequate. :p But my goal isn’t to look like that anyway. XD My goal is to lose these last 10 pounds so I can finally stop frikkin thinking about it. 9_9 Between this and starting Zumba for the Wii again, I hope it’ll melt right off. 😉

Then I will make a rel effort not to bother with stressing about my weight anymore. Because if I’m stopping traffic NOW, 10 pounds won’t make a difference. 😉

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