Book Challenge Update

1. Lightning, by Jean Echenoz

2. The Demon Lover, by Juliet Dark

3. Netsuke, by Nikki Ducornet

4. Smut, by Alan Bennett

5. Never Cry Wolf, by Cynthia Eden

6. Feral, by Joley Skye

7. Lothaire, by Kresley Cole

8. The Woman In Black, by Susan Hill

9. No Longer Human, by Osamu Dazai

10. The The Lady Flees Her Lord, by Michele Young

11. Eternal Hunger by Laura Wright

12. A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison

13. Eternal Captive by Laura Wright

14. Eternal Blood by Laura Wright

15. Eternal Kiss by Laura Wright

16. Phoenix Rising by Kimberly Gardner

17. Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk

18. River Marked by Patricia Briggs

19. Bound to Please by Kimberly Gardner

20. Fool Moon, by Jim Butcher

21. The Navidad Incident by Natsuki Ikezawa

22. Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione


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