Pagan Blog Project – “K” for “Knot Magic”

I’m not talking about the Witch’s Knot, I mean knitting and crochet. There is absolute magic in hand making an object stitch by stitch for someone you love.

When I found out I was pregnant (after freaking right the fuck out) I took up crochet again after years of hanging up the hook. My grandmother had taught me when I was 7 or so and I could think of no better way to relax myself and prepare for my little one than to make her a baby blanket. I worked on it my entire pregnancy, line by line, and made it big enough to use as a lapghan when she goes off to college. I still have the dress my grandmother made for me (she was an awesome seamstress) so if my kid still loves me when she’s an adult, I wanted to make something she would treasure.

As I worked, I found myself thinking of all I hoped for my child. I wanted her to be healthy, happy, smart, and strong. I wanted her to wrap herself in this garment and know that she’s loved by her mama even when her mama isn’t around. The result was, quite frankly, staggering. It’s her favorite blanket and not just because I lord over her saying “I bloody made this and you will USE IT!!” she picks it. And I have a healthy, happy, smart, and strong little girl who just loves the shit outta that blanket. >D

I’ve also made items for other people, like a scarf for my husband. Same effect. You channel your wishes into the hooks or needles into the yarn and it comes through in your finished project. It’s the entire concept of Prayer Shawls with a Pagan spin. I still make things (when I have time) and eventually I’ll have a shop section on my website so I can share what I make with others. There’s nothing like a great big ole hug of positive energy. 🙂

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