Lenni Reviews: “The Ninth Circle #1: Fire) by C.A. Harland


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*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

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This book follows the adventures of Tala and Aiva Morgenstern as they search for their missing sister, Hartley, in a world filled with magic and demons.

The way this flows is just like episodes of a TV show; absolutely riffing off Buffy, Angel, or Supernatural. If you like those shows and want some fastpaced urban fantasy, this isn’t half bad. I don’t wanna give away too much since there’s a lot going on. Sometimes the writing felt forced; trying too hard to be badass but overall, it’s a fun read. A bit gory but hey, there’s demon killing happening so that’s to be expected. 3.4 out of 5.

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November Loot Crate: Magic

  • Game of Thrones journal
  • Elder Scrolls pin
  • Dr. Strange Q-Fig
  • Fantastic Beasts Obliviator t-shirt
  • Big Trouble in Little China / Escape From New York Comic

Every time I take the survey for a Loot Crate, I always say more journals and pens and I am happy with this one. I may not be a big Game of Thrones fan but I can dig this journal. The Q-Fig is cute and the pin is nice but the biggest win for me this time is the shirt. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan so did my little fangirl squee when I saw it.

Overall, mostly awesome but I really don’t have room in my life for so many Q-Figs. I may have to eBay that one so a bigger fan than I can enjoy it.

Lenni Reviews: “A New Witch in Town (Maybe Two)” by Dani Corlee


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**I purchased this book for free from Amazon.

Kimberly and Aurora have arrived in a new town, hoping to start fresh. Kimberly moved to Springsville with her 4-year-old daughter and discovers; SURPRISE! They’re witches.

You know what this book reminds me of? Winx Club. And I mean that in a good way. When that cartoon first came out, I enjoyed it. Cute story with witches and bright colors to entertain kids who are into magical girls. Corelee’s book as a very similar tone but with obviously a more mature audience in mind.

The chapters are short so it feels like you’re flying through the book. I like Kimberly as a main character but I felt like her daughter was a little too mature in some scenes and not mature enough in others. But that’s my personal opinion and I know every kid is different.

Overall, this book is a completely harmless piece of fluff. The conflict isn’t horribly dire and it’s wrapped up without anyone getting hurt, and puts you in a universe where more magical misadventures can take place. 3 out of 5.

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Pagan Blog Project – “S” for “Spell”

It’s usually the first question I get asked when I tell people I’m a Pagan Witch. “Do you cast spells?” Can it get annoying, sure. But it beats getting asked if I worship the devil.

The quick and dirty answer is, yes I cast spells. Many may think of this as a roughshod explanation but most of the time for me, spells are prayers with kickass props. Can I cast without props? Sure. I do it all the time. Quick thanks for a good day, guidance in a decision, safety when traveling, patience with my kid; anything that strikes me at the time.

I say it’s like prayer because a spell is just focusing your will and intent on a specific goal. And like prayer, it only works if YOU do. Go ahead, cast 100 weight loss spells. If you sit on your ass and eat gallons of ice cream for dinner, it won’t work. If you pray for a job yet never take an interview, it won’t work. It sets you up to go out and make your destiny. It gives you confidence and a sense of purpose. Something some of us sorely need.

Pagan Blog Post – Double “M” for “Money” and “Magic”

To make up for missing last week, this is a combination post.

In my practice, I have noted that force of will is the driving force behind everything I do; including magic. I do this for two reasons:

1. I feel it imbues a certain passion into my work.
2. It’s CHEAP!!

Like many Pagans, I have piles of books and reams of printouts of spells and various concoctions I would love to try, but some of the ingredients are so fricking expensive, I feel like part of being a practicing Pagan Witch necessitates winning the lottery or being a full time gardener. The closest I’ve come is saving up enough to buy a relatively inexpensive collection of herbs on Ebay. And even “relatively inexpensive” had me grateful for any OT I could get at work to make up for the cost. >_<

I understand someone has to make these materials and they should of course be compensated for their time and effort. But when you’re talking to your deities, who ever they are, I don’t think they really care if your athame cost you $20 or $200 or if you even just use your finger. Magic can’t always be about having The Stuff. It’s from within; borne from your intent. Making an herbal sachet or mojo bag quite obviously requires physical items but don’t go crazy. We all know money doesn’t grow on trees so go out and hug one instead. XD

Pagan Blog Project – “K” for “Kitchen Witchery”

I absolutely believe when you prepare food (or anything) with your own hands, you impart some of your thoughts and energy into what is being prepared. Being a busy lady, I don’t have the time to impart such energy into every meal. Its usually Throw-Peanut-Butter-On-The-Bread-And-Get-The-Fuck-To-Work in the mornings and dinner is started right when I walk in the door from work. But on holidays like Samhain and Yule, I am very deliberate and careful with what I put into the meals I prepare. I reflect on what the sacred day means for me and my family and what I hope for the coming year.

I also do this when I prepare meals for any sick family members. You wouldn’t believe a simple can of chicken broth can be turned into a magical elixir for the ultimate destruction of the common cold, but with the love from her mama, my 4 year old believes it is. 🙂

It’s also very therapeutic to be mindful of the preparation of your food. It’s comforting to be IN the moment, not dicing onions while screaming at someone or watching tv. It gives the mind focus and makes me much more aware of what I’m putting in my food.

Also? I hardly ever measure. I do everything by how the food smells, tastes, or feels. This is very annoying for people who taste my food and want to know how I made it. I just stare at them blankly and babble “Really, I have no idea.”

Because it’s magical. 😉

Pagan Blog Project – “K” for “Knot Magic”

I’m not talking about the Witch’s Knot, I mean knitting and crochet. There is absolute magic in hand making an object stitch by stitch for someone you love.

When I found out I was pregnant (after freaking right the fuck out) I took up crochet again after years of hanging up the hook. My grandmother had taught me when I was 7 or so and I could think of no better way to relax myself and prepare for my little one than to make her a baby blanket. I worked on it my entire pregnancy, line by line, and made it big enough to use as a lapghan when she goes off to college. I still have the dress my grandmother made for me (she was an awesome seamstress) so if my kid still loves me when she’s an adult, I wanted to make something she would treasure.

As I worked, I found myself thinking of all I hoped for my child. I wanted her to be healthy, happy, smart, and strong. I wanted her to wrap herself in this garment and know that she’s loved by her mama even when her mama isn’t around. The result was, quite frankly, staggering. It’s her favorite blanket and not just because I lord over her saying “I bloody made this and you will USE IT!!” she picks it. And I have a healthy, happy, smart, and strong little girl who just loves the shit outta that blanket. >D

I’ve also made items for other people, like a scarf for my husband. Same effect. You channel your wishes into the hooks or needles into the yarn and it comes through in your finished project. It’s the entire concept of Prayer Shawls with a Pagan spin. I still make things (when I have time) and eventually I’ll have a shop section on my website so I can share what I make with others. There’s nothing like a great big ole hug of positive energy. 🙂