November Loot Crate: Magic

  • Game of Thrones journal
  • Elder Scrolls pin
  • Dr. Strange Q-Fig
  • Fantastic Beasts Obliviator t-shirt
  • Big Trouble in Little China / Escape From New York Comic

Every time I take the survey for a Loot Crate, I always say more journals and pens and I am happy with this one. I may not be a big Game of Thrones fan but I can dig this journal. The Q-Fig is cute and the pin is nice but the biggest win for me this time is the shirt. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan so did my little fangirl squee when I saw it.

Overall, mostly awesome but I really don’t have room in my life for so many Q-Figs. I may have to eBay that one so a bigger fan than I can enjoy it.

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