Cooking Light Selects Cravebox


Spices and snacks? You are so speaking my language.

First and foremost, I gave away the artificial sweetener. If I’m gonna eat sweets, I’m gonna use real sugar. I gave the fake stuff to people who need it because they CAN’T have real sugar.

I love the McCormick salt free seasonings. With BBQ season coming, that Southwest seasoning is gonna get a LOT of use. 🙂

I am familiar with Stash herbal tea. I keep packets in my desk for when the office is freezing but if I have one more cup of coffee, I’ll launch to the moon.

The Newtons I put in my daughter’s snack bag. I take their disappearance to mean they’re good. XD

The Zone bars I haven’t tried yet. I wager they taste like every other ‘health’ bar I eat. *shrugs* Nothing to really write home about.

As for the Pop Chips? Those were really good. They were just spicy enough to make them interesting and salty enough to satisfy the craving for salty/crunchy. I would totally buy those.

3 thoughts on “Cooking Light Selects Cravebox

  1. Most of these actually look quite good. I’d have to give the fig newtons away though – they just taste nasty to me.

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