Blessed Imbolc and…

Wow, it’s February already! With this Imbolc, I really do feel the impending warmth of spring, an increase in my blessings, and the positive energy inside me willing to work hard to keep the good times rolling!

Not only that, today is my 35th birthday! Man, I cannot believe how much better my life is now than when I was 25… Heck, when I was 34! I have significantly less poison in my life, I wake up smiling more often than not, my books are selling better every month, and me and my daughter are closer than ever. Over the last year alone, I really took much more control over my own success and I intend to keep it going! 😀

Really, I never thought I’d slowly turn into the type of person who really did wake up and feel happy at how the gods have blessed me in various ways; ways I may not have seen at first but now it’s all clearing up.

So, here’s to 35! Time to make it an even better year than the last!

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