Lenni Reviews: “Hairy Harry’s Car Seat” (Lyon Road Vets#1) by Sue Brown

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I purchased this book from Amazon and is intended for 18+.

Divorced father of two, Peter, has to say goodbye to his best friend and Wolfhound/Terrier mix, Harry. When Peter takes Harry to the vet, he is attended by a new doctor; Evan Wells. The pair become friends as Even helps Peter deal with losing Harry and Peter notices he doesn’t quite mind when Evan casually touches him despite the fact he’s straight. Will Peter be able to reconcile having feelings for a man after considering himself straight for so long?

I really empathized with losing a pet and it was sweet to see happiness come out of grief but I would have liked if it wasn’t ‘gay for you.’ Those always strike me as a little strange. Not entirely off-putting, but strange. I guess it’s nice to be attracted to someone for more than the presence or lack of dangly bits but Peter and Evan are nice enough characters to read to keep my focus off that strange trope. They’re a sweet couple and the intimate scenes aren’t too over the top. I give it a solid 3 out of 5 because it can be a little frustrating if a character just doesn’t come out and say what they feel and I selfishly would have liked Paul to also fall in love with another dog as well.

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