Finally Watched It: “Justice League vs. Teen Titans”

I guess this technically doesn’t count as a ‘finally’ watched it since this isn’t an old movie I should have watched but it is something that I’ve been waiting to get my hot little hands on and it’s my blog, so there!


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In this movie, Robin (Damien) is sent to train with the Teen Titans and while he’s gone, Raven’s father Trigon sends demons to possess the Justice League.  Before they can take down Trigon, the Teen Titans have to take down some of the greatest heroes in the world.

I seriously believe this movie was made to give Teen Titans a chance to shine where Teen Titans Go is such a massive fail. The animation is fantastic, the voice acting is on point and all the characters are interesting and fun to watch. Seeing the Titans at different ages – including an adult Starfire – was an experience. It was like finishing the Teen Titans show then coming back to see how they’ve grown since then and starring in this new adventure. The story is cool and you can tell the people that made this meant to make a good movie and not just fart out another straight to DVD release to make a quick buck. I could see myself watching this multiple times and this finally cleansed my brain after that Monster Mayhem crap. More movies like this please!

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