Lenni Reviews: Noragami: Stray God vol 4 by Adachitoka

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This volume focuses less on Yato and more about the bikini-clad warrior goddess, Bishamonten. In the previous volumes she has had a great deal of fan service like shots an the story gives us a the reason for these is the fact she has so many shinki, it’s wearing her down and thus needs frequent cleansing baths and treatment from a healer named Kugaha. Behind the scenes, a stray shinki with so many names they just call her Stray, is plotting behind the scenes causing one of Bishamonten’s shinki to infect her with blight by corrupting her.

What I like about this manga is the ability to take seemingly benevolent concepts like having a weapon spirit to increase your strength; and turns it on it’s head. Bishamonten’s zeal to save all these spirits is hurting her because there are just so many. And Stray? She freaks me right the hell out. She’s gonna be trouble.

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