Finally Watched It: REC 4 Apocalypse

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Unlike REC3, this installment in the franchise picks up from where the second movie left off with the reporter, Angela, being taken onto a quarantined ship with the soldier who rescued her and an elderly woman who survived the wedding in REC3. While Angela is there, the found footage is not, remaining in third person with shaky cam… Sadly disappointing as the found footage worked so well in the first two.

Anyway, the way this works is the survivors are on the boat with some scientists trying to work on a cure. The idea is that if something goes wrong, they can just blow up the ship and any infected people with it. Having a lab on the ship drains the power so the lights go out from time to time. The scientists and doctors believe that since Angela survived and keeps testing negative for the virus despite being exposed to it, they can use her blood and the blood of the infected monkey they keep on board to develop a vaccine.

I hate to say it but I hope this franchise is over. Not because this movie was overtly bad, it’s just the same story beats as every other horror movie out there. Don’t get me wrong, demon possession as a virus is a cool idea, the characters were entertaining, the actors were competent (at least in my opinion), but with the first two being so different I can’t help but feel let down by these last two. If they do another one, I’m not sure I’m going to bother watching it.

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