Batterlicious Review

I heard about this product on the radio and the idea of being able to safely eat raw cookie dough as well as bake with it was mighty tempting. I purchased my favorite flavors and decided to give them a shot.

First the raw test:

This stuff is dangerous. I found the texture a little coarser than regular cookie dough but the flavor was exactly the same. I had to make a conscious effort to stop tasting and put the containers away. If I were to levy one complaint, perhaps mini peanut butter cups? But that’s a super minor point. It’s not even a complaint, really. More of an observation and one that won’t stop me from snarfing this down.

And for the baked test:


Yeah, they’re singed. Get over it.

The chocolate chips are on the left and the peanut butter is on the right. To be completely honest, they taste good but very different from regular cookies. There’s this strange sort of sweetness to it; like someone slipped and out in too much vanilla or sugar. Would I eat a pile of them? Hellz yeah.

Overall, I am more likely to just eat the dough than bake them because if I wanted to bake cookies, I’d just get regular dough (because it’s cheaper). But man, as fulfilling a craving goes? Raw is the way to go. I’m glad got this stuff! Delicious!

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