Lenni Reviews: “Tokyo Ghoul” vol 4 by Sui Ishida

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In this volume, we are introduced to a Ghoul named The Gourmet; a creepy little bastard with designs on Ken. We also meet Itori, another Ghoul in the neighborhood who gives Ken (and us) a crash course in human/Ghoul hybrids.

There was exactly zero subtlety in making The Gourmet a creepy asshole so when he does get Ken in trouble, it is no surprise at all. It’s interesting to see the little underground cliques and turf disputes the Ghouls have; making them more complex than your titular baddies living on the fringes of society. I would love for Ken to just kill off The Gourmet and lay down once and for all that he is not to be fucked with; but Ken is still in that place where he wants to be a decent person and I’m ok with that at this point. That reluctance hasn’t gotten anyone else killed yet but I hope when the chips are down, Ken will do whatever needs doing.

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