Lenni Reviews: ‘pink’ by Kyoko Okazaki

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Yumi seems like your typical office lady but in order to feed the voracious appetite of her pet crocodile, Yumi must moonlight as a call girl. With her step-mother cheating on her father, her little half-sister staying over late to avoid her mother, and locking the young man her step-mother is sleeping with in the apartment with her crocodile, this is an eventful little book. There may not be any magic, monsters, or swords, but Yumi’s life is certainly not boring.

As a character, Yumi is just such a positive, happy person, I can’t find it in me to judge her for her ditziness. I totally empathize with doing whatever it takes to keep your loved ones fed (I’m too old to be a call girl so I write) and she’s just a lovable goofball that you really hope her simple dreams come true.

And, well, since Yumi’s side gig is a call girl, this is an 18+ manga for some nudity and naughty scenes.

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