Finally Watched It: Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

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Electra Woman and Dyna Girl are super-heroines with no powers in their home town but are offered the chance to be represented like the more famous superheroes in their world. Since all the super-villains are gone; defeated in The Shadow Wars, heroes are basically famous spokes people. While their newfound fame goes to Electra Woman’s head and drives a rift between the pair, a mysterious new villain appears on the scene.

Ok this movie isn’t terrible. I will admit around the 4 minute mark, I really hoped the internet and pop-culture references would stop (it was WAAAYY to much of the dialog). 10-15 minutes in, I felt like I was watching two close friends talk and making all these inside jokes I know are supposed to be funny but I wasn’t there so I’m not in on the gag.

As far as Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart, they aren’t bad actors, they work ok off of each other as the awkward ditz and snarky inventor. The other heroes are creative and the costumes are cool but there’s something… Flat about this movie. It felt like a checklist was being ticked off behind the scenes. Overall, this is a harmless, quirky, internet movie. Nothing super fantastic but also I wasn’t suffering watching it. Good effort but I sensed some unused potential.

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